Friday, 29 May 2009

One week down, One to go

Well the 1st week of half term is over and
a) I'm still in one piece

b) the girls are still in one piece and

c) so is the house.

Its been a busy week so I thought i would share a little on what we've been up to. (In words and photos!)


Usual day in the house but we had a bit of dress up fun and had some good playing time with all my girls just me and them.

Me and 2year old
Dress up time!
19 month old 'doing the washing up'


All the girls went to my mums for the day so me and the husband could spend some time together, we didn't go out due to waiting for husband's new phone upgrade arriving between 8am and 6pm grrrrr but he redeemed himself and we went out for dinner yum!


Food shopping yuck! but me and the husband went out AGAIN! I know incredible! we went to the IMAX in Manchester OMG how big is that screen??? We saw Star Trek it was fab I think I only binked twice through the whole film my eyes were like sandpaper! It took my breath away literately, I love films and seeing it on that screen was awesome I can recommend it to anyone!

So big I couldn't fit in my camera shot! (that info screen only filled a tiny bit on the actual screen!)


Went to my lovely friend's house for lunch with the girls. We have been friends for 4years she's the best friend I've ever had and I love nothing more than catching up and having a good chat.

It was lovely watching the kids playing together, running and bouncing around. The weather was gorgeous and we even managed a 20minute sit down in the sun whilst all was quiet with our 6kids! They all had a wonderful time, 19month old and 2year old were in bed for 5pm and were asleep before I'd finished their story!! 3year old stayed up as usual with me where we normally do drawing or puzzles its our 'me and her' time which she loves and so do I. Tonight's activity was drawing, cutting and sticking, here are her wonderful pictures:

H and J playing together in the sun

Mummy, Cappa (Grandma) and Nanna

I love her drawings I love seeing what she sees in her mind plus she makes me look very thin!

To finish off as promised 2more facts about me:

3) I have to finish what I've started no matter what it is or i turn into a grizzly bear (v.grumpy!)

4) I am still in my first ever job that I got whilst I was at school......I have been busy with other things than career following

So a lovely week and looking forward to the next one where a couple of reviews will be coming your way, a very nice buggy and some yummy baby food which I have been very lucky to be sampling soon.

Anyway enough of me! Hope you all have a nice weekend x


  1. Very cute! It sounds like you've had quite a bit of fun!

  2. Wow you amaze me, how do you find the time and with a three month old??
    Love the pics by the way - too cute. And your house is still in one piece, how did you manage that? I gave up on mine a long time ago :) xxx

  3. Great that a box of Lindt chocs I spy in the background?! My favourite! xx

  4. OMG! You managed to actually get out with Hubby? How fab is that? AND twice - lucky thing!

    Love the pics - nothing like Lindt balls! I have the red ones...(well spotted Clareybabble!) RMXX

  5. Those pitures are so cute. Kids can be alot of fun.You said that your husband took you out 2 times? Now thats real LUCK! Some of us wouldn't be that lucky! LOL! Hope you enjoyed it.Its always nice to have time for yourselves every once in a while.

  6. margarita: oh yes very busy, sometimes the days go by so fast i forget what day it is lol!

    The wife of bold: Its only in one piece because i've been having valuations on the house so its been extra tidy and i'm a houswork junkie sometimes lol! Well as i type this 3month old is goingto sleep in her moses basket, i always fit time in to blog!

    Clareybabble: Are there any other chocolates?? i love them but i never realised they were in the piccy till you mentioned it, my chocolate addiction is out!

    Rebel mother: I know its wonderful to get out! I'm totaly addicted to the white ones at the mo, i just pop it in my mouth and let it melt....heavenly!

    Donna: I enjoyed it very much spending time with him, its important to be together alone or else we turn into just two people who live together lol! glad you like the pictures i've got one more to add which i forgot! x

  7. I love your pictures, Amy. What a wonderful week you've had and the kids look so happy.

  8. And i thought i was busy with 3 kids in 3 years , it sounds like you all made the best of the week .

  9. hullaballoo: It has been a great week and the weather was gorgeous again today, they loved it! They are happy kids....well until they don't get what they want lol!

    Laura McIntyre: lol! Can't wait for next week got quite a bit planned! x

  10. your girls are beautiful..and wow I thought i was doing something by handling 3 kids a job a hubby school and work..but you definitely have your hands full..god bless...

    By The Way..What are your girls names?

  11. Another Award for you over at mine - hope you like it!!! RMx

  12. bearer of three: hi there and thank you very much! you sound like you have a lot on yourself and school as well? supermum! Jessica, Amelia, Isabelle, Evelyn (In age order eldest first)

    Rebel mother: your too kind its already on my sidebar! your too kind! big hugs!

    The dotterel:Hi there! Yep two weeks now but only 5weeks at summer holidays instead of 6weeks. The High schools round here only have one week but 6 at summer hols. I don't know whats better?

  13. lovely pics, We had a very quiet half term as my kids seem to be so tired, then got ill!!

    There is an award for you over at my blog, enjoy :0)

  14. Lovely lovely! Great update xx

  15. tracy_tp: oh no i hope they get better soon, thanks for stopping by, the follow and a lovely award! you're a superstar!! x

    OMG Pregnant: there will be another coming your way next friday!

  16. This was a wooonderful post! I enjoyed it so much and especially the pictures!