Monday, 28 December 2009

New year goals

Well Christmas has finished (sob) but we had a lovely time and it was fab to see all the girls getting excited about the big day and ripping open all their presents. Hubby bought me some lovely presents including perfume, 3 CD's, a lovely cardigan, harry potter on blu ray and a zac efron annual!!!! He is a funny man!

My poor pud spent Christmas eve, Christmas day and a bit of boxing day teething badly with blood red cheeks and piercing cries. But thankfully she's back to her happy self just in time for new year.

We haven't done much for new year for a while due to having babies in the house and trying to find a sitter on new years eve is like looking for rocking horse poo. So the hubby and i tend to stay up until midnight, pop a bottle of bubbly and think about what the new year could bring us.

Here are my new year goals for the forthcoming year.

  1. To take control of our finances by doing sensible food shopping and sticking to a monthly budget.
  2. To cook more and organise what we're having for lunch, tea etc in advance so i can buy food we need not just what i think will do.
  3. To get back to my old 12stone (or lighter!), size 12 self after baby boy has arrived in May.
  4. To shout at my hubby less, he is a great hubby and i should tell him more instead of yelling at him for leaving his shoes in the lounge AGAIN!
  5. To not have any more children after my baby boy is born, I'm thinking of getting sterilised.
  6. And lastly to try and not get so stressed (this is the long shot goal lol!)

What will your new year's goals be? or do you not set any? whatever you all do i hope you all have a happy new year xxxxxxx

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

It's a ...................


Well done to everyone who guessed right! I'm so pleased it's the best christmas present ever! Have a very merry christmas everyone xxx

Monday, 21 December 2009

A fun old day and guess the sex of new baby

I had a fab day today with the girls, we were up at 8am, had breakfast then we got on our woollies, hats, gloves and coats and braved it to the local park. The snow round here has been great, at least 4 or 5 inches deep.

I pushed the double buggy through the drifts that had gathered around whilst 4 and 2year old trotted along behind me. It was very hard crossing the roads even at the crossing because of all the snow that had been pushed up by the cars i had to lift the front wheels of the buggy up as i crossed the road just to be able to move!

The park was full of glorious snow, we built a snowman, did snow angels, rolled down the hills and played on the swings and such. After an hour or so we trudged home just a bit cold and damp, clothes were changed and the girls enjoyed a few choccy biscuits.

After lunch we made Christmas decorations from salt dough

This is the best recipe I've found for it if you fancy giving it a go

1/2 a cup of salt
1/2 a cup of water
1 cup of flour
microwave for 2-3 minutes to make the shapes hard

They turned out really well (i will post some piccys when they're dry) we painted, glittered and then glued them for a nice shine.

I really enjoyed myself today it was so nice not to be rushing around for the school run and just enjoy a lovely fun day with the children.

In other news It's our 2o week scan for baby bump on Wednesday, we are having a little look to see if baby will let us see whether its a boy or girl. Leave your guesses below and wish us luck! xxxxxx

Friday, 18 December 2009

Snow and ice is not always nice!

I love snow. When i see snow it brings out my inner child and i have a sudden urge to run outside it in and roll around, throw snow balls and giggle like a school girl.

But i do not like ice. Yes i know snow and ice sort of come together hand in hand, but ice really makes me nervous and i have a good reason which i will share with you.

Every Christmas time we order our Christmas meat from a farm near where my mother lives. So as usual we decided to go get the car washed and then pick up the meat. It had been snowing a lot and some nice patches of ice had begin to form on the roads, I wasn't too worried because hubby is a great driver.

Anyway we are driving down the long driveway to the farm and we turn the corner (like you do) and the car doesn't turn it just carries on going straight, no matter what hubby could do there was no stopping it, i think we were doing minimal mph but all i could see was the frosty ditch and field that was approaching us very fast. We had no grip, the brakes tried their best but it was too late we nose dived into this ditch with a nasty thump and terrible scraping sound.

We had the 3girls in the car and i was 8months pregnant so chaos rang out as we tried to figure out what to do. We were stuck, the back of the car was raised and the front right wheel was completely submerged in iced mud. And how do you think i knew this.. because i opened the door and got out thinking we were on grass, i put my foot down and i sunk up to my knee in freezing cold mud. It was horrible!!! I got back in with my iced leg and hubby got out to go get some help.

Thankfully the farm guys came to our rescue with a tractor to pull us out!!! They were very nice about it (apart from the odd laugh and joke at our expense) and informed us that if we were one of these boy racer types they would have left us there. nice. Anyway they pulled us out with no effort (tractors are so powerful) and the car was fine just absolutely covered in mud from head to toe. We had just paid to get it washed....typical.

The farm guys hosed down the car and we went off on our way, still in shock, with my rising damp and just really glad the car and us were fine.

I can say i have been back since then but i will not be going anywhere near the place whilst the weather is like this!

So for everyone who's out and about this weekend or over Christmas in this snowy icy weather, please be careful, ice is so dangerous and it is so unpredictable, the road may look clear but there could be that sneaky patch that catches you out one day. Drive carefully everyone and have safe journeys xxxx

Monday, 14 December 2009

Work it girl!

I must say working 24hours a week and looking after 4children and being pregnant can be a little bit, whats the word? EXHAUSTING!! But there are certain times that remind me why i still work (apart from the money..obviously)

We had our Christmas dinner last week with everyone who also works on the night shift. We had a Chinese takeaway lovingly provided by the management (how nice) and the canteen was decorated all christmassy with all the tables pushed together so we had a massive table which we could all fit around, this accompanied by dimmed lights and candles made it a lovely setting.

A lot of laughs were shared, crackers were pulled, silly hats were worn, party poppers blew up around me and gifts were given. It was great fun and it was lovely to be surrounded by adults all having a good time. I find it very hard to fit in 'going out with friends' when i work at night so when something like this comes along it is well worth the wait. I laughed so hard at one point my pelvic floor was under questionable status!

I'm so glad that I can have this bit of fun outside my home, I love coming in to work and hearing about other people's stories and what they've done over the past week, it is like being at school again and Luckily for me i work with a good bunch of people who have me in fits of laughter nearly every shift. I enjoy this little bit of time where i am just Amy and i can drop my other roles such as mummy, cleaner, cook, entertainer etc for 8hours.

Obviously if i won the lottery tomorrow or if hubby does well with BGT I would be a stay at home mum, but I think I would always crave that little bit of individuality that working gives me. I would miss my adult company and all the laughs we have but i could always swap working for dinner parties instead dahhhhhling! xxxx

Friday, 11 December 2009

My christmas List

Hubby asked me today what I want for Christmas. I really don't know what I want for Christmas but I can think of a few things that i do want, but they wouldn't be able to go under the Christmas tree.

  • A Lie in (try wrapping that one!)
  • A full makeover
  • One of Santa's elves to come round and clean the house from top to bottom (I'll provide the cleaning equipment)
  • A washing basket that washes the clothes as soon as you put them in (and dries them too)
  • An inflatable nanny (for emergency uses like toilet trips etc)
  • A white Christmas
  • Some quality time with my hubby
  • A self filling fridge (ooooh the possibilities!)
  • A nice massage
  • A good parent potion (gets rid of all impatience, tiredness and grumpiness)
  • My new baby (i know i have to wait for that but the scan is on the 23!)
  • A chef (i do like cooking but not all the time)
  • And finally a very merry Christmas with my family ( i can guarantee this one )

What would you ask for that couldn't be wrapped? xxx

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

My nativity stars

Look at 4year old dressed as a star for the nativity play at her school. She read her lines perfectly and I was so proud of her.

2year old got a little bit shy and came off the stage to sit with me but she was a very cute sheep and also did a fab job, well done girls, mummy is so proud and its moments like this that make all the sleepness nights, tantrums and cheekiness worth every single second. Love you girls xxxx

Monday, 7 December 2009

and breathe!!

Well I made it!!

I made it through all the illness that my poor children have been through this week and you know what? I'm really proud of myself :) Yes I am giving myself a well deserved pat on the back for managing to get all my 4children well again.

All the lovely comments from my post last week really helped me to push through all the negativity and to keep focusing on getting through it all. Thank you to everyone who left a comment it really meant a lot to me, also thank you to mummy B for listening to me go on and on over the phone (you are the best friend ever xx)

Now i can breathe a little i can get on with getting ready for Christmas!

It is 4year old's and 3year old's Christmas play on Wednesday, i will be taking tissues because i always get a bit emotional when i see my little ones doing great things. 4year old is starting the whole performance off with the introduction!! she is only 4 and she knows all her lines, i'm so proud and 3year old is a sheep lol! I'm sure she'll be the cutest sheep i've ever seen!

Me and hubby are going Christmas shopping on Thursday to finish off what father Christmas is getting everyone, i can't wait! Me and hubby haven't had much time together due to working and illness, i feel like i'm going on a date lol! I've even bought some new make up so i can look extra nice for him (well as nice as you can at nearly 18weeks pregnant)

So here's to no more illness and a nice enjoyable few weeks before the festive season. I am now feeling very positive, happy and very excited about the next few weeks. (I will not let my tonsillitis stop my good mood lol!)

Hope you all have a nice week mwa xxxxx

Friday, 4 December 2009

Christmas Eve Poem

A Christmas tree
is in my room
to make a smile
from times of gloom

The stockings hung
around the fire
a candle lit
does not tire

A special trinket
on my shelf
have memories
to myself

Some tinsel draped
across a frame
red baubles hang
to spell a name

Flashing lights
on the tree
on the window
for all to see

The fairy watches
up on high
to see St Nick
flying by

His favourite snack
is waiting here
and a carrot
for reindeer

Bring my angels
lots of toys
and all the other
girls and boys

For tonight
the time has come
for joy and peace
for everyone


Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Wordless Wednesday

4year old having boobies like mummy!!!!! I nearly spat out my cup of tea!!

(they are christmas baubles under there lol!!)