Monday, 12 September 2011

women don't inflate tyres....

Sunday is my solo day with the children so i decided to go to the trafford centre with all of them to shop for daddy's birthday present.

On the way i needed to put diesel in the car so i decided to check the tyres, now my dad and hubby have always got me involved with cars, DIY etc so checking the tyre pressure isn't a big deal to me i just do it.

So here i am squatting down, hose in hand doing all the tyres and a man comes up to me...

'Is the machine working ok?' In a manner that suggests i'm doing something terribly wrong..

I reply 'yes no problem i've only got another two tyres to do'

he quicky says 'that's ok take your time' he walks over to the machine and yells 'its set to BAR is that right? is that what you need?'

I'm getting a bit peed off at the this point as he's stood watching me with fear in his eyes...obviously i'm a damsal in distress, inflating my tyres to disatrous blimp sized porportions with the wrong setting....i casualy say

'oh that's right the citroen pressure is in BAR' and i explain that my last car was in psi

he doesn't believe me, i've got it wrong i'm a women so.... you know women don't inflate tyres... obviously he tries again

'is that the maximum load you're setting it too?'

I'm fed up now, the wind is blowing my dress around my ears, and i'm willing the air machine just to fill the dam tyre so i can slap him with the hose and trot off in my heels. I shoot him a look of 'really?' He decides that i am ok, i'm not going to blow up my tyres and goes for

'terrible weather we're facing today aren't we?'

I nod and the machine beeps.. thank god i screw the cap back on the valve hand him the hose and say goodbye.

Thank god i wasn't doing anything else risky like filling up my windscreen washer water *rolls eyes*