Monday, 24 October 2011

At it like rabbits

You all know that I've got two gorgeous boy bunnies that I adore. They are fab I let them hop round the house and they are well loved by the children.

Anyway we go to give them their morning fuss in the hutch and hubs opens the door, then he makes a massive gasp noise and yells for me to come here.

I'm thinking the worst, he says 'there's baby bunnies in here!!!!!'

I'm like WHATTTTTT??!!! we have two boy bunnies....but obviously not and we are now the proud owners of 5baby bunnies.

Panic sets in I have NO clue how to look after animal babies, I race around and google everything I possibly learn about baby bunnies or kittens as they are called.

The weather is cold and windy so I brought mum and babies inside and hoped for the best.

Well night one I couldn't sleep, I was worried about them, about mummy bunny i tossed and turned all night.

I checked on them in the morning and found one baby outside the hutch. I quickly put it back in the hutch and googled some more.

Night two I slept better the babies were all moving and warm.

Day 3

Now I'd read that this was make or break time for the babies so I checked them more. All seemed ok.

I put my children to bed and something told me to check them. I found one of them separated from the rest, cold and motionless. I picked it up and cuddled it into me....crazy I know but I'm a mum I can't ignore it....I then warmed a towel on the radiator and snuggled him into it, nothing happened :(

So I went in to check the others, the next one I found was scrawny like the poorly one and also cold, I scooped him up and popped him next to the other cold one. They moved a little and then froze, my heart broke, my eyes filled with tears and i sobbed my heart out.

I had to check the others next up was a mass of movement and a lot fatter than his siblings, he's fine i thought, next up another round bunny moving well, last was another small one :(

Now he was still moving and warm so I
Hope he pulls through, I will check on him in the morning.

So we now have 3babies left I can't help feel sad i know it's nature's way but omg it's such a shame.

Its been a one hell of a shock finding out they were there and now loosing two.

Fingers crossed for the others my heart can't take anymore sadness xx