Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Homework yay or nay?

So it's another wet damp school run and I'm greeted by a flying, flapping 6yo telling me she's got homework to do. After I remove the paper she's waving from my left eyelid I have a glance at this weeks offering of educational bliss.

Some addition of money plus what looks like a booklet of times tables of some sort. 5yo wafts her summons under my nostrils.... It might be a long evening....

After putting their siblings to bed we unleash the homework, apparently 6yo didn't fully finish last weeks so the teacher in her own words was 'very cross she hadn't done it'

No pressure there then?

This weeks gem was a 7page 2x times table booklet, we got stuck in but I was a bit taken back by these sums...

(6x2)+3 = ?

Now i know that's not hard but for a 6yo....they have to learn it's a two part sum, brackets first etc but seriously I didn't remember doing things like this till I was in high school!

Now don't get me wrong I'm all for helping our children to learn and i have no objection to reading etc but I do have a problem with my children being put under pressure in years 1and2.

I don't want them worrying about doing homework I want learning to be fun and for them to have a stress free childhood. My plan is to let them enjoy the innocence of being a child for as long as possible.

What are you're thoughts on homework for young children?

I'd love to hear your thoughts xx