Thursday, 3 November 2011

Tantrum toils

It seems at the moment I'm getting tantrums from both sides of fence. We're still in the grip of the terrible twos with pud and now we seem to be getting back tantrums from the 6yo.

For example this morning we had the daily hunt for hair bobbles. Time and time again I tell her if she doesn't want a bobble in after school to give it me. She doesn't do it and so we're going through around 15 bobbles a week!!!!

It's not on and to make things worse nits are going around the school again so it's important we try to keep all their hair up.

So she couldn't find a bobble, I had run out again and she sat on the sofa and refused to get her coat on. So i packed up the other four and said goodbye and waited for her outside.

She still didn't come so I closed the door and gestured to the others we were going. She was up like a shot and with a face on her stomped to school now really late thanks to her mood.

Apparently it's my fault blah blah blah but I've tried to get her to take ownership of just one thing and I'm fed up of spending so much money on bobbles!!!!!

So after that torrid walk to school pud decided to run off smiling at me as she disappeared round the corner. It's something I've pulled her up about before, it's a really busy road and it scares the life out of me when they run off.

So I held her hand all the way home, much to her disgust, she even decided to throw herself on the floor in the middle of the road in protest??!!!!

I don't like being a shouty mum I hate it I've even said this to the children but why is it they only look at me and laugh when I use my stern voice? Why must I shout at them to get them to realise I'm cross??

I guess both of them are going through a battle of wills phase again but I'm exhausted and outnumbered.

Funnily enough daddy never gets any of this behaviour it's saved for me (yay) it probably seems worse since I was up all night with mr Fred teething the poor thing.

Roll on the weekend and the wine.