Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas hangover

Well another Christmas has come and gone in a blink of an eye. It was enjoyable and all the children have had a fantastic time. But wow I'm tired!!! Cooking Christmas lunch and all the excitement has really took it out of me and in a good way, it's a good tired feeling like I used to feel after I went running.

I could do with a day of rest but I'm
Back to work tomorrow serving the British public. I'm looking forward to it and my shift should go quickly I hope.

as I write this from the comfort of my duvet I'll take a bit of time to digest the weekend, from the looks of joy on my children's faces to the look of despair on my parents' faces after I smashed their light fitting after a far too exuberant swing of a wii remote.... I'll never live that one down...I didn't even get the bloody ball in the net!!!!

Anyhow as I try to sleep off my Xmas hangover I wish you all a very happy holiday period and please share any mishaps you've had..... It can't be only me who's gone crazy with a wii remote lol xxx