Friday, 2 December 2011

Mud facial

Oh relaxing you're, no it wasn't.

3pm school run time and i'm strolling down to the school with mr Fred in the buggy, 4yo and 2yo trotting along side.

We get into the playground and 2yo does her favourite thing of running off *rolls eyes* but this time she really goes for it.

I do the 'come here sweetie, not too far now' call....she looks at me and carries on. I follow her but she goes into full sprint towards the school gates!!!!

I'm running with the buggy still calling her and running like a mad women through the reception class parents (embarrassing much) she carries on and goes through the gate!!!

I stomp the break on the buggy and sprint to her as she runs out of the school gates and into the car park. I'm petrified more than angry now, I manage to grab her hand....on a muddy grassy slope...

Yes you guessed it, I slipped and went arse over tit in front of the head teacher and various other bystanders....

The little sod kept on going and i managed to grab her hand and yup... Slipped again as i picked her up...

To be honest I was more glad to have got her than cross but jeez I was red faced and muddy as I walked back through the reception class parents firmly looking at the floor.....

After a stern talking to we went home via the sweetie shop....mistake

Cue a massive wait, 6yo telling a boy he was too young to drink coke and telling the girl in front to 'hurry up as we've been here ages' *hides face again*

Anyway after the assault course of the school run we made it home and I tried to resist swigging out the bottle of prosecco in the fridge :)