Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Turning the air blue

'friggin hurts, friggin hurts mummy'

Once I'd picked my jaw off the floor after hearing this from my two year old, I calmly dealt with what was causing this 'discomfort'

To be honest I'm not a big curser, I swear occasionally when the situation calls for it. I hate the c bomb and the f word only comes out in dire need. I'm
Guilty of using a lot of shit (the word) and I'm not bothered about a bit of arse (also the word) but 'frigging' isn't really in my vocab.

Anyway I made sure I didn't laugh because I knew she'd say it more and more, I don't fancy her telling her nursery teacher that something is 'frigging' annoying.

I asked her What hurt she just kept saying 'friggin, friggin' and waving her hand at me. Then came the point from the other hand at the offending pain... Her index finger bless her.

It seemed that 'friggin' was actually her toddler word for FINGER!!!!

It was so funny though and she has no clue, apparently as a toddler I used to say 'fuck' for slug...

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree :) xx