Friday, 24 February 2012

Is this yours.....

Today started off well, it's payday so i'm always cheery, it's nice to have money in my account....until tomorrow when my direct debits suck it out, anyway after my usual morning routine it was time to take 4yo to nursery. I popped to the toilet before I left then left the house 4yo in tow.

She bounded off into the classroom whilst I chatted to her teacher. I've been working with my 4yo to write her name so I was informing her of 4yo's improvement.

I noticed my jeans had slid down a little so I yanked them up and heard something fall to the ground.

At this point I'm still in deep conversation with the teacher at this point and I glanced down to see a tampon staring back at me on the floor.

I had a few options here....

1) yell and run off embarrassed
2) go red faced and apologise
3) calmly pick it up and carry on like nothing had happened.

I went with number much so I carried on the conversation and maintained eye contact throughout. Impressive I thought but the redness of my face may had given away the fact that I was dying inside.

A bit later on since it had been pud's birthday we took her to build a bear. I was typing in the details for the blooming bear's birth certificate and hubs storms up to me waving a tampon in the air

'can you just not keep hold of these things...I mean if one incident wasn't enough'

He was brandishing the tampon like a orchestral conductor I was trying to explain but he was in full flow so to speak.

I managed to get a word in finally..

'darling...that's not mine...'