Thursday, 8 March 2012

Sneezes, snot and sighs

Hubs started his new job on Monday which is fantastic! Everything is going well I've stepped up to the solo parenting role throughout the day, I'm on top of the washing pile which I think is an achievement on its own.

But like a house of cards it came crashing down thanks to a horrid cold virus whizzing it's way round the children.

Tuesday night saw the phone call at work from hubs to buy an industrial sized calpol....On Wednesday my eldest was bedridden unable to move out of bed, it took a dose of calpol and some moshlings to bring her round *rolls eyes*

then my 3yo was struck with it and by the end of the day mr Fred was barking like a seal and my hair had turned grey.

Last night was shocking I have now got the lurgy so I didn't sleep at all tossing and turning like a blooming hot pancake in a pan. Mr Fred was up at least four times, 3yo was up twice and 4yo was up once....

All in all I got chuff all sleep and a head full of snot which I will share with the general public tonight at work :)

Talk about a baptism of fire being solo throughout the day!!!! Looking after 5 ill children is exhausting and I hate seeing them all poorly, it's like a walk in centre in my house, bodies just sprawled over chairs with the sound of coughing sprinkling the air.

In fact I just line them up for medicine and walk down the line spooning in calpol. Then go down the line wiping noses, then giving them kisses.

We're like a family of Rudolph's at the moment, fingers crossed the lurgy is gone soon xx