Saturday, 28 April 2012

Hammer time

This weekend I'm work and childfree! *skips around waving hands* and having some well deserved r&r with the hubs.

I've got him a high speed helicopter ride which he's having on Sunday so today we have been enjoying a day of shopping and gym going.

Obviously we were delirious with joy with being together so hubs whipped out a 90's completion cd to play in the car.

15 tracks later and we were sporting some seriously good 90's dance moves in the car to 'ice ice baby'

I was doing a static running man, hubs was doing something that involved his elbows. A car drove passed with WTF expressions on the passengers faces but sod it we were in full swing.

Next up was MC hammer.....

'you can't touch this'

You can see where this went and bloody hell we had a laugh, I miss my babies but having quality time with the person who helped you make them is fantastic.

Have a great weekend all xx