Monday, 30 January 2012

Music to my ears

In my youth I was a good baritone player. I was in several brass bands and did countless concerts and a few solos. I loved everything about it, the social aspects, the competition, the goosebumps all over when playing amazing music. It all came to a stop in my last year of college I just couldn't juggle my A levels, a Job and band so sadly my instrument moved to my parent's loft and I played no more.

My dad is now the brass player of the family and is on the committee of a fantastic youth band in Stockport that I used to play for.

For the past few weeks he's been taking my two eldest daughters to the band rehearsals every Saturday and this Saturday my 6yo blew a cornet :)

I'm very proud!!!! She's now going to be a member of the junior band and we are the proud owners of a brass instrument once again.

When she showed it me I blew the dust off my baritone and played it. I've missed it and if I could have time to practice i'd happily pick it up again.

So here's to another generation of music and brass in my family.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Turning the air blue

'friggin hurts, friggin hurts mummy'

Once I'd picked my jaw off the floor after hearing this from my two year old, I calmly dealt with what was causing this 'discomfort'

To be honest I'm not a big curser, I swear occasionally when the situation calls for it. I hate the c bomb and the f word only comes out in dire need. I'm
Guilty of using a lot of shit (the word) and I'm not bothered about a bit of arse (also the word) but 'frigging' isn't really in my vocab.

Anyway I made sure I didn't laugh because I knew she'd say it more and more, I don't fancy her telling her nursery teacher that something is 'frigging' annoying.

I asked her What hurt she just kept saying 'friggin, friggin' and waving her hand at me. Then came the point from the other hand at the offending pain... Her index finger bless her.

It seemed that 'friggin' was actually her toddler word for FINGER!!!!

It was so funny though and she has no clue, apparently as a toddler I used to say 'fuck' for slug...

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree :) xx

Monday, 9 January 2012

Getting back on track.....or pavement

So my lovely hubs had a fab idea today that I was ready to start running again. I haven't ran since October so I will be glad to get back into my running trainers and re start my training for this years race for life.

Last year as you may remember I broke my ankle during the race but not this year lol.

I'm really looking forward to pounding the pavement again, I'm hoping it will help me to achieve one of my new years resolutions which was to relax more.

Exercise does help me unwind and relax, I always feel more clear headed after getting all hot and sweaty.

So wish me luck, hopefully it will help me lose some pounds too and tone up as I really want to feel a bit better about myself this year.

In other news mr Fred is taking some steps on his own which is very exciting!!!!!! My little man is growing up :)

So happy new year to all and here's to healthy 2012 xxx

Sunday, 1 January 2012

A few words

A year ago on the 2nd January I lost my grandad, where the last year has gone I have no clue, most of it in a blur to be honest but as a quiet memorial i have posted what I wrote to read out at his funeral.

My grandad was a great man, there is no other way to describe him. Everything he did involved thinking of those around him. He always had a present stashed away for someone or a card ready for any occasion. If you needed something he would help you and if couldn't help you he would do his dam hardest to find someone who could.

I was trying to find an old answer machine message the other day and i came across one of his old ones, his voice echoed around the room. When i heard that message for the first time i never knew it would be the last time i would ever hear his voice. But that was grandad he always was caring, he would do anything for me and the children, he loved his grandchildren dearly and i'm happy they got to know him.

There were days where i'd pop round to see him just to make sure he was ok, i'd make him a drink and a snack and we'd chat about the lastest news or the weather, our conversations would start with.. 'you know that peter couch fella....' he always got the names of footballers wrong, it was a private joke and it always made me cry laughing hearing it, i'd give anything to hear that now.

Even me being 25 he reminded me to watch out reversing out of the drive, to take care on the roads, to tell me to wear a coat ....grandad i'm 25 it's ok i know to wear a coat...but you've not got one's in the car need it to cover your back in this weather...i know grandad, i know...

When i was little i called him gramps or bill, he didn't mind either, he'd play all day with me in the garden with my nan, we'd go to the park. Play on the swings and sing daisy as he pushed me back and forth.

Nan and grandad were and still are everything to me, it was like i had two sets of parents...i'm glad they are back together now..but i'd rather them be here with me.

Sleep well grandad one day we'll meet again and one day i'll wear my coat when it's too cold.