Thursday, 12 September 2013

Body image and H&M

Yesterday whilst I was looking round the shops I walked past a H&M shop window. I had a look at it and it seemed they were advertising their new range of jeans for children. Great I thought, I like H&M but as I looked closer I saw the children sized mannequins had speech bubbles attached to them with the names of the styles of jeans. 

Here is the new range....

Super skinny

Now I'm not one to froth at the mouth but this really annoyed me. Why are children's clothes being advertised and promoted like this? Why is a young girl and boy's choice of jean being dictated to them as thin or nothing?

Why are happy looking children (plastic children all be it) having words coming out of their mouths that are so size related ? it is all wrong.

Children are all different shapes and sizes but ultimately they are not adult shaped and these styles unfortunately are aimed at adults (non which I can fit into I may add) 

Why are our children being brainwashed by clothing companies to believe that happiness is only if you wear/fit into slim, skinny and super skinny jeans???

I took my frustration to facebook where a lot of parents agreed with me that setting children up to worry about their size is not healthy.

On a side note you might think because I am not thin (I'm a size 16) that I'm jealous or bitter that I can't fit in them blah blah blah but I'd like to clarify that my girls do not follow my lead and are the correct weight for their height but I have educated them in the importance of heathy eating, moderation and exercise. My issue here is that children are different body shapes, adults are different body shapes and trying to get children to be in the mindset of thin = better is wrong on so many levels.

Overweight isn't healthy I know this but being underweight is still unhealthy too. We need to be educating our children about eating right and exercising, showing them the importance of being healthy whether you are slim or whether you have curves, body shape is different to being fat or skinny.

Walking past that shop window was an eye opener of the pressure that young girls and boys now have to face from toddler upwards because according to H&M that's when you should be pulling on your skinny, slim or super skinny jeans. Of course I  bet they sell other styles but how come only these three sizes are feature in the shop window? Why the hell do children need slim, skinny and super skinny jeans? Why are there slim fit tees, slim fit shirts and slim fit trousers?

The mind boggles but my girls won't be shopping there  and I certainly won't be either, I want my children to be heathy and happy not morphed into believing that thin = happiness.