Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Happy campers

Hubs and I set off for our week away last Friday camping bound for the Yorkshire coast. We had a fantastic time but the weather took a turn for the worse Sunday afternoon, we wandered off for a coffee and by the time we got back half the tent was buckled under the ferocity of the wind.

We legged it for the tent and tried to regain some stability to the poles but as I grabbed two poles to pull them up, the wind roared even harder and pulled me over gripping onto the tent, I sent hubs inside to put some resistance from the other side whilst I re-pegged the guide ropes that had literally been ripped from the ground!

Obviously it started to rain so I'm on my knees, mallet in one hand, guide rope and pegs in the other bashing them in as fast as possible. Eventually we stabilised the main middle pole and put our camping table against it from inside, there were only two more poles to secure so hubs stayed inside as he had the strength to keep the tent from folding inside itself again.

I pulled the pole back to its position again but the wind was so strong it took all my strength to keep the tension in the guide rope and bash in the super strength pegs that I had, eventually all the poles were back to their glory and hubs and I celebrated in style by dancing around the tent in the pissing rain as the wind ravaged us.

The sense of achievement from saving the damn thing was awesome, I couldn't care less that I was soaked through to my knickers, or that my left hand was bruised to hell, we saved that tent with good old team work whilst the other campers hid in their cars.

Unfortunately after all our hard work the wind increased and was set to get worse. our pitch is on a cliff edge and on the coast line so we had to pack up and leave as it just wasn't safe (and we were the only ones left on the tenting field) lol

So after coming home late Sunday night a little deflated and taking a day out on Monday to recover from the epic cold that I'd acquired and become an official uni student (exciting!) we've set off for the Lake District for a couple of nights instead.

Lets hope there's less wind lol