Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Birthday musings

This weekend I turn 28, yes my thirties are within groping reach and I have noticed a few things that signal my path into become an actual adult (in my mind you are not an official adult until you are 30)


1) nights out getting smashed and dancing until 2am have gone, I now prefer to sit in a cozy place with my friends and get smashed at home.

2) top of my priority at the moment is re-painting the hall, stairs and landing

3) this year for my birthday I am receiving carpet from my parents, this is by far the best present ever.

4) I now use the phrase when talking to my fellow journo students "you remember that don't you....oh no wait that was before you were born"

5) I am dressing for comfort, that doesn't mean I dress like a granny, I actually go up a dress size for more 'room' it makes sense to me 

6) I high fived my husband when our car insurance renewal was much cheaper than last year.

7) fixing my energy prices until next year made me deliriously smug before the price rise.

8) my underwear is either white or black, this way I look very organised when my knickers actually march my bra

9) gin is my life source

10) I put a wall sticker up on the wall with my husband instead of wildly humping each other as all the children are at school 

So you see I am well on my way to adulthood......well apart from the fact I'm having a party this weekend that involes playing twister lol here's to muddling along for many more years :)