Monday, 18 August 2014

Hike to the Pike

I've had a terrible couple of days with my illness, it really knocks me off my feet when it flares up so when I woke up again with my head pounding and my vision was terrible I decided that I just had to push through it hoping that some lovely clean air might brighten me up a bit.

On our travels around Park Bridge we came across a walking route to Hartshead Pike, a tower that stands at 940 feet above sea level. it has always fascinated me so off I went to go see it up close and personal.

The weather was not in my favour as it blasted me shower after shower but I carried on, half of the route was on paths and bridleways but it soon turned to field and mud.

This field in particular, where the directions said 

"At the top of the hill, cross the stile and bear right along the side of the ditch. On reaching the pond go left over a small bridge"

After a week of rain the pond was a river and the bridge was submerged, I nearly lost my shoe in some particularly deep, cold mud which was mixed with cow pats....yum. But the target was in sight and I wasn't about to give up!

After the field it wanted me to go through more mud soaked grass, I folded the map up put it into my backpack and got out the gps on my phone and followed the driving instructions which took me down some amazing quiet lanes with beautiful houses, the wind was whistling but the rain had stopped, after a swig of water I continued the steady climb which gradually got steeper and steeper.

Finally I got there and oh was it worth it, the sun came out and it was gorgeous.

It was a long walk, 10.69 Miles in total but I felt great afterwards and I absolutely love having this beautiful scenery near my home.